Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Reminders

The bird

There was a bird in the basement this morning.

It was a sparrow. It didn't seem hurt or sick; it was just a normal little sparrow. When I approached, it flitted from the floor to the sink to the top of a shelf.

"Why are you here, little bird? It's beautiful weather outside. Spring's coming!" I opened the door to garden and went back upstairs, closing the basement door behind me. When I went back down an hour later, it was gone.

I wondered how long it had been down there. How hungry was it? Or thirsty?

That made me think of my ceramic birdbath, which I store under the porch over the winter. I dragged it out, washed it and filled it with water.

As I turned around, there was another bird. Not the little sparrow, but a robin. It was in the bed where the garlic is just starting to peek up and it was eyeing me, curiously.

I wondered what it was thinking. "Why are you here, little lady? You've got a nice basement in there. And laundry's piling up!"

No, probably not. But I should throw a load in anyway.

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