Sunday, April 17, 2011

Urban Chicken Keeping

Mr. Treat and the chicken

Mr. Reginald Treat, Fox Esquire here.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Green Metropolis Fair in Chicago and they had a discussion on urban chicken keeping. What a wonderful idea! Chickens for every backyard, balcony, and rooftop deck I say!

Now, while you might think you need to read up on the subject, here are all the main points:

* First, why keep just a few chickens? Go for lots of them! (Meaty ones are better.)

* Make sure they're really, truly free range by doing away with chicken wire, cages, latches, etc.

* Always keep a box of napkins near your chickens as well as several sauces. (Feel free to get creative here. Maybe an apricot-balsamic reduction, or a tangerine gastrique? Of course, if thick, spicy BBQ sauce is your real forte, by all means do that!) These items are there just to, uh, help the chickens get Omega 3s into their eggs. Yeah.

* Finally, make sure all your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Certainly don't hide your chickens away behind fences; maybe even post a small sign or two. Your chickens will be stars as your neighbors lavash praise on them and you. Soon, everybody in town will keep chickens and we'll all be soooooo happy!

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