Thursday, December 22, 2011

Convert a half apron to a full apron!

Pancakes fell on my head this morning.

A whole plate of them.

They were sitting on top of the toaster oven. And I was squatting down, trying to shove a pan in the cabinet below.

It kinda hurt. Not to mention the pancakes: beautiful buckwheat flaxseed blackberry pancakes. I would show you a picture of them but I had to eat them up quickly throw them away after they fell on the floor.

I suppose it's further evidence I have no business wearing a half apron. True, things usually hit me smack dab in the middle of my shirt, not my head. But still.

Half aprons are for hostesses, not people who embrace their time as enthusiastically in the kitchen as I do.

But what to do with this cute little holiday half apron?
Christmas Half Apron

I noticed some really cute aprons on the Anthropologie website. So I used this one as inspriation:
Cuisine Couture Apron from Anthropologie

Modifying mine wasn't too hard. I used the waistband for neck ties, which helped bring the two halves of the apron together visually. It also let me convert my apron's simple ruffles to knife pleats like in the Anthro apron.
Full Christmas Apron
Perhaps I made the top a bit too wide; it wouldn't lie flat. But I solved that by making the ties cross in the back and button, rather than tie at the neck.
So I'm quite pleased. Now my new apron will protect my clothes from all that Christmas cookie dough! (Even if it doesn't help with the raining pancakes!)

Wren in Christmas Apron

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