Monday, January 30, 2012

Frayed Ruffle Heart

Frayed ruffle heart
Make a little frayed ruffle heart pillow for Valentine's Day!

What you'll need:
Fabric remnants in a variety of prints and colors
Transfer paper, tracing wheel, straight edge
Needle, thread

Start by using the heart pattern to cut hearts out of fabric.

Each pillow will need four hearts: the back of the pillow, the front of the pillow, the lining, and the front backing. Choose a fairly bold print for the front and experiment with contrasting colors and prints for the other layers.
Heart pieces

Transfer the diagonal lines onto the wrong side of the front backing.
Marked heart

Pin the front, the lining, and the front backing together. They should all be right side down, with the lining in the middle of the "sandwich." The wrong side of the front backing, with the marked lines, will be on top. Stitch along these lines. (I found starting with a line in the middle kept the fabric from shifting around.)

Turn the heart over and cut the top two layers between the stitched lines. Be very careful not to cut the botton layer (the front backing)!
Cutting the channels

Cut all the rows.
Cut heart

Now pin the back of the pillow to the sewn sections, right sides together. Stitch, leaving an opening on one of the long sides of the heart. Reinforce the bottom point and the upper V with backstitching.

Trim the edges and clip the V very close to the stitching.
sewn heart

Turn the heart right side out and stuff.

Turn the raw edges under and whipstitch closed. String beads together on a double strand of thread and sew a loop to the top of the heart or string several hearts together.

Rough up the ruffles by brushing your fingers across them vigorously. Trim any loose threads.

Be sure to make enough for all your valentines!

Basket of heart

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