Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gifts for her. From her.

Cake on a heart plate

Yesterday was my sister Robin's and my birthday. She gave me some heart-shaped plates that say Love, Hope, and Dream.

While out shopping, we had seen them and I had admired them greatly, thinking, "Oh, wouldn't these be just the perfect romantic gift?!" Except what guy—like Jay?— would even be caught dead in any shop that sold them?

Don't get me wrong. I love my husband Jay very much. He even on occasion buys me flowers or cool jewelry. But to be honest, one of the best gifts he ever gave me was a HUGE tackle box in which to store my beads. It's true. There's just a guy reality — washing their stinky gym socks, or dealing with guitars, well, everywhere (like the kitchen table...sigh). Then there's a guy fantasy — Ryan Gosling stocking up your tea because you're hosting Stich N' Bitch this weekend...

But we can do it for each other, can't we? We can buy our sisters and girlfriends all those frilly, lovely, girly things, like a lolly pop tea towel or filigree cupcake wrappers, rubber stamps or handmade dolls. So happy birthday to me. And happy birthday to all my sisters!


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