Friday, January 13, 2012

Make your own zombie masks

Make your own zombie masks

Tonight we're headed to an anniversary party. And, since it's Friday the 13th, the dress code is (What else?) "Zombie Formal."

Time to make masks!

First I took aluminum foil 4 layers thick and smooshed it down on the top half of my face. (Since this was all an experiment, I didn't start on Jay's till I was finished with mine. This let me reuse the aluminum foil.) Jay actually did a better job at this part than I did, so his mask (on the right) has a better formed nose than mine, which makes it more comfortable.

Then I took pieces of flesh-colored fabric and dunked them in "Aleene's Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid." The fabric I used was a very thin cotton so I thought I might have to leave the aluminum foil backing. Nope. It stiffened up plenty.

A few thoughts about the fabric stiffener: I've had this bottle forever so I'm not sure if it comes this thick but it was THICK! I watered it down a little, more for the second one, because I realized a little goes a long way and if you leave too much, it sort of smells.

After letting the mask dry completely, I peeled off the aluminum foil. The backs of the masks were really stiff and uncomfortable so, using white glue, I lined them with another piece of fabric.

Then I trimmed them, cut holes for eyes, and sewed on pieces of elastic.

For the painting, first I looked online for pics of zombie faces, masks, etc, to get ideas. Then I used a "dry brush" technique. This means I got a small bit of paint on the brush, wiped most of it off on scrap paper and then painted on the mask. This gives you a much softer effect and let's you control things better, building up the color slowly.

Simple but spooky. Now I just have to go find a dress...

Wren with mask

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