Monday, April 30, 2012

Effects of global warming include...snapdragons?


We all know the dark side of global warming: drowning polar bears and island countries swallowed by rising seas. But what about closer to home?


This picture is not from last year. The plant is. And yes, it's April. Hello? This is zone 5, people! This thing should be brown twigs with some seed heads on top. And the seeds in those seed heads should be sending up tiny little sprouts in, I don't know, in a couple of weeks?

And my friend's rosemary plant that stayed outside all winter? Doin' just fine, thank you.

Don't get me wrong. I love snapdragons. One of my favorite things is watching a big ol' bumblebee try to climb inside one of them. But there's something really wrong with this. Our climate is definitely changing...and we're at least partly to blame, no matter what some people think...

Check out this picture I found on
global-warming-irony Good one, huh? It's also good that when it comes to helping our planet, there's a lot we can all do. But right now, I'm starting by finding juuuuust the right vase.

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