Friday, January 18, 2013

Fabric Magnet Tutorial

Fabric Magnets

Writing your New Year's Resolutions or goals for the year is great but almost as important as writing them down is remembering them! So to help you stick them up where you'll see them often, I'm going to show you how to make magnets out of scrap fabric and free advertising magnets.

  Free magnets

Start by collecting some magnets. You could also use magnetic tape.

 Remove coating

 Peel back the plastic-y coating on the magnets. Use your fingernail or an X-acto to get it started. I had better luck with some magnets than others. You don't have to get every tiny scrap off but get as much as you can, while leaving most of the paper coating on.

Cut magnets

Use the magnets full size or cut them smaller or into interesting shapes. Using regular white glue, put a fair amount on the paper side of the magnet. Use your finger to spread it smooth.

  Glue magnet on

 Glue the magnet to the wrong side of some scrap fabric. Cut along the edges of the fabric to finish your magnet. (With the more intricate shapes, I had to use tiny craft scissors and even an X-acto to get all the threads out of the tiny corners!)

  Wren with new magnet and goals

Now, stick up those lists of goals! I put mine on the side of the fridge.

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