Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Released back to the universe

Shabby chic table
Sometimes you know you should get rid of something. But you don't. You hem. You haw. You put off. Never mind that you don't seem to have a space for it. Or a need. Or even a good excuse. You know you ought to move it along and yet you just don't do it.

These are the times I remind myself of secondhand treasures I've found. They are things that are meaningful to me, things I love, but I have them only because someone else released them.

I found this table in an alley, brought it home, and have moved it from corner to corner in my basement...for several years now. I love its character but it just doesn't fit in my house, or my life.

Today I let it go.

I was almost certain no one would want it. It's too chippy, too beat up. But I couldn't bear it to go in a landfill, so I put it on Craigslist. I figured it was a very long shot, but with a low asking price, who knows?

It didn't even take five minutes before I heard from Kris. She (I figured it was a woman. Don't men usually spell that name with a C?) would swing by after work.

Turns out it was a Kris-Kristofferson-type Kris: longish hair, big laugh, even bigger parka. He had a cottage in Wisconsin to furnish.


I took his five dollars and ran (ran!) upstairs to tell Jay. Talk about perfection! A cottage in Wisconsin!

I know it's just a table. But I found enough generosity in my heart to let go of something I didn't need and in return, it felt like the universe righted itself, just a little bit.

Or at least it brought its table home.


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