Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Garden project: strawberry bed!

A better return on investment that tech stocks in the '90s, the six 50¢ strawberry plants I purchased five years ago have yielded probably a hundred pounds of strawberries.

They've also created a wild, unpickable bed.

In the photo below, you can see the bed in 2009. The strawberries are just above where it says "Smalltropolis".

Strawberries 2009

Here's what the bed turned into:


Time to show these things who's boss! I'm reigning this mess in, and and adding some paths for access!

IMG_2619 Day One:

I mark out the borders of the bed and where the paths will go. I clear the first section. It kills me to throw perfectly good strawberry plants away but I have a bazillion of them and trying to move them or give them to neighbors will make a big job even more monumental.

Globe arborvitae will make a little hedge in the back section, which will mirror the boxwood hedge at the front of this bed (not shown in this picture.) I mark out where the plants will go.

By the time I get them in the ground, it's way past lunch and I'm exhausted.

I come back after lunch, mulch them in, take the tags off, and I'm done for the day!

Day Two:
I get the bottle edging put in and add more mulch.

Day Three:
I get the second section cleared.

More bottle edging. More mulch.

Flagstone pavers go in and Elfin Thyme ground cover.

So, that's as far as things are at the moment. I'll post more updates as it gets further along.

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