Friday, February 14, 2014

BlogHer killed my blog.

Wow! The last time you heard from me I was at the BlogHer convention, learning how to blog seriously, how to blog popularly, how to blog humorously, how to blog and make money at it...

That was six months ago.

What happened?

Good intentions happened.

And then paving the road to you know where happened.

BTW, here's a really lovely picture of me. And what were we talking about?

One day a friend told me about her sister who spends four hours a day in the garden.

Me: Blink. Blink.

Her: Four hours! In the garden! Every day!

Me: (In my head) What's your point? (Out loud) THAT IS INSANE! (In my head) Is that a long time to be in the garden?

Distractions! That's what I'm talking about. Distractions like my garden, where I have been known to spend all day. I mean days. But summer is short, right? I can cook, clean, bathe, make money, exercise, et cetera all winter.

Anyway, my point is, I'm back! I can't promise how long I'll stay on the blogging wagon, but at the moment, you have my full attention. Or at least part of it.


(P.S. Happy Valentine's day!)

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